ZIGGO TSN Platform

A flexible, standard-compliant, and control-function-virtualized TSN switch platform ready for industrial control, automotive electronics, and other time-sensitive applications.


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ZIGGO provides protocol compliance and performance evaluation

  • Time synchronization accuracy Verification
  • GCL Capability, Bandwidth Guarantee and GCL Accuracy Verification
  • End-to-End delay, jitter and loss rate analysis for critical traffic
 ZIGGO Switch

ZIGGO Switch

ZIGGO presents a hardware-software co-designed TSN switch

  • Simultaneous transmission of IT and OT traffic with QoS guarantee
  • Nanosecond time synchronization and microsecond network delay
  • IEEE 802.1AS, Qav, Qbv, and Qcc support
 ZIGGO Device

ZIGGO Device

ZIGGO presents a hardware-software co-designed TSN device

  • Critical traffic replay and record with high-precision
  • Gigabit bandwidth support
  • IEEE 802.1AS and Qcc support

Room 211, District 11, East Main Building, Tsinghua University, Haidian District, Beijing, China, 100084


Zheng Yang, Fan Dang


Xiaowu He, Zeyu Wang, Xiangwen Zhuge


Yi Zhao, Jiahang Wu, Hao Cao, Liang Dong, Xinjun Cai


Prof. Zheng Yang:hmilyyz[AT]gmail[DOT]com


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