ZIGGO CaaS Switch: A flexible, standard-compliant, and control-function-virtualized TSN switch platform

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ZIGGO is a flexible, standard-compliant, and control-function-virtualized TSN switch platform ready for industrial control, automotive electronics, and other time-sensitive applications.

This is the document for the ZIGGO CaaS Switch. (We also offer ZIGGO-Device that comply with the IEEE 802.1 TSN standard.)

ZIGGO Open Platform

The construction of the ZIGGO Open Platform consists of three levels: network device, management tools, and a Demo App. More details in ZIGGO-Device.


We provide a demonstration video of the TSN switch. It demonstrates the superior performance of the ZIGGO-CaaS-Switch compared to the normal switch.

The left side of the picture is the ZYNQ development board we use, and the right side is the TSN display board we built.

Watch the video

Click the pic to watch the video! Or just click here.


  • ZIGGO supports the simultaneous transmission of both Information Technology (IT) and Operation Technology (OT) data traffic with QoS guarantee.

  • ZIGGO complies with IEEE standards 802.1AS, Qav, Qbv, and Qcc.

  • ZIGGO provides Real-time and Deterministic Ethernet transport

    • ZIGGO achieve Zero Packet Loss , Microsecond-level Latency with Nanosecond-level Jitter Gate Ability.

    • ZIGGO guarantee Gigabit Throughput.

    • ZIGGO provide gate accuracy applicable to All Ethernet Frame Sizes.

Read before start

Getting started with ZIGGO-CaaS-Switch/ZIGGO-Device is a pretty hard task. Users/developers need to have sufficient basic knowledge and be prepare to for a long periond of learning and debugging.

Please refer to basic_knowledge.md to check if you have ability to use ZIGGO competently.

Getting Started

Please refer to required.md to get prepared.

Please refer to hardware-build.md for the build hardware for ZIGGO Evaluation Toolkit and software-build.md to run time synchronization logic and set up TSN GCL .

System Design

ZIGGO is implemented on ZYNQ-7000 SoC and exploits ZYNQ’s both hardware and software programmability.


We also provide more in-depth documentation explaining specific design principles for ZIGGO CaaS Switch.

Demo APP Tutorial

We also provide a testbed build document(in ZIGGO Device) that allows you to build a real-time Ethernet system using the ZIGGO swtich and ZIGGO Device.

Through this platform, we can measure the delay and jitter of TSN time-critcial traffic, the switch’s gating capability, bandwidth guarantee and gating accuracy.

Replacing ZIGGO CaaS switches with commercial TSN switches can also test its above capabilities.

License and Citation

ZIGGO is released under a MIT license.

Please consider citing our papers if the project helps your research with the following BibTex:

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  • ZIGGO CaaS Switch Release

  • ZIGGO Evaluation Toolkit Release

  • ZIGGO Evaluation Toolkit Source Code

  • Tutorial for build a testbed

  • Test Case for TSN

We will expand each test in the tutorial to multiple test cases to cover different edge cases and comprehensively test the performance of TSN switches.

  • Support Device List

At present, we have only tested our own Ziggo switches and are testing other commercial switches (such as Huawei ,H3C and NXP). We expect to maintain a list of test results in the future.


Please see the guide for information on how to ask for help or contribute to the development of ZIGGO!

The development team will only answer questions on github issues and reject other forms of questions.